Japan Airlines (JAL) Miles Award Charts & Rules

Whenever I've done posts comparing the prices across different programs I've already found that JAL Miles are among the lowest, but today I'll show you how to potentially double the value of these already great miles.


As you'll see, I first try to figure out the rules preventing me from abusing maximizing this program with stopovers, stops in my home town, open-jaws, etc... Once I figure out the rules, I have ideas for loop-holes, then I do tests. Then I either find "deals", or I find a new rule.

These fundamentals are things I'm going to apply to other...

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British Airways Avios: Award Efficiency Rating

"Drew, what in the world is an award efficiency rating, and how does British Airways Avios have one? Did you just make this up?"

Yes, I did. But get used to it! Because I'm going to be doing posts with efficiency ratings more often!

And not just British Airways Avios, but for many programs. In fact, I got the idea working on an upcoming JAL post.

So this post is really just to introduce the concept of an "award efficiency rating".

Let me explain what it is, and what cool things you can discover from it (using Avios)...

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Japan Airlines (JAL) Miles Award Charts & Rules

Right now I'm digging into JAL Miles and before I do a post on the best uses, I wanted to give an overview of their four award charts.

I have made condensed, easier to read charts and a map for JAL flights, and will generally explain which award chart you use for which redemption.

I also made a chart showing which chart is better under which distance range, the JAL Miles "OneWorld Award Chart" or the "Partner Award Chart".

I'll give a list of partners, and a brief overview of the rules.

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About Drew Macomber

I've got a big announcement... And I'm going to tell you about it, and I'm going to do it in my typical overly-honest way.


In 2010 I started a wordpress blog. In 2011 Carrie and I took our millions of miles (and little else) and booked a oneway ticket to Asia.

We really had no idea where that journey would take us. If you've followed along, you know that it took us all over the world. That journey - of full-time globetrotting and living in hotels for years - was nothing short of fantastic!

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